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Enjoy the summer days by the pool in the comfort of your home. Hire a trusted pool inspector serving Richardson, TX, and make sure your swimming areas are safe for you and your loved ones. We offer our customers pool water testing to check the PH balance of your pool water. Rest assured that you’re swimming in a safe space, and contact us! At Prestige Texas-Wide, you can find an excellent ally for your pool needs.

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When working with us you can rest assured that our inspections are done by an experienced team that checks for safety issues in every inch of your pool area. From pool water testing to spa inspections, we can do it all!

Our pool inspection services include:
  • Water testing / PH balance
  • Checks for cracks in your title
  • Checks equipment for damage

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No One Knows Pools Better than Us

At Prestige Texas-Wide, we aim to be your best ally when it comes to keeping your pool maintained and ready for a splash. We have over 17 years of combined experience working with our customers near Richardson, TX. Get in touch with us and schedule your pool inspection service today!

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Get prompt, reliable and affordable home inspection services performed by an experienced team. Reach out to our experts at (903) 880-8775 or fill out the contact form. We’re ready to provide you with exceptional inspection services.